Cover Themes

Hello Postminimalist

Hello Aviary

Hello Screaming Eagle

The ultimate Twitter coffee table book!

What you post on Twitter says a lot about your life experiences. Preserve and reminisce about those events again and again with a 5" x 8" paperback version of your tweets in your very own printed autobiography.

Click here to see a real life Aviary theme Twitter paperback.

Or how about a look under the hood.

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Paperback microbiographies are great for archiving your greatest moments, whit and observations! Or share with offline family members to treasure the day by day experiences of college, a pregnancy or the beginning of a new career. Perfect as a family heirloom or a personalized gift for that special Twitter addict in your life!

So now what?

This is the easy part. First, choose from the Screaming Eagle (Baby Eag-let chirping Tweet!), Aviary (blue-ish) or Postminimalist (minimal-ish) cover theme from the right. Next decide if you would like to include all the @ replies you sent to other users. Lastly, enter your Twitter user name (no need for password or other account info.) Twitter paper autobiographies are printed in chronological order (early date in front, later dates towards the rear) because it just makes that much more sense when reading it.